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Great day at Monomonac.  Good job everyone for having no involvement with Harbor Patrol.  Congrats to Toby and Mark for first, Nick and Mike for second and lunker, Rick and Max for third, and Derek for the GLBF record for beers drank without falling off a boat.  See you in Kingston NH for the next one .  Like all NH tourneys, its a 7:00a.m. start

This months GLBF fishing tip comes from Nick Nash of team Pavone/Nash on the fancy new boat.  Ever wonder what happens under the surface of the water after the sun goes down?  Well Nick is here to help solve that mystery.  Nick says;"I guess you could go buy yourself some fancy fish findin' electronics, or do a bunch of book readin' with articles full of big words about night fishing but that sounds like a lot of hard work and money, and really, aint nobody got time for that".  We couldnt agree more Nick.  As an alternative, heres what Nick suggests.  "Just go buy yourself a 20 million candle power spotlight, and when your senko comes back with lilly pads all over it, turn on the light and kick it over the side.  It will light up the entire cove.  Mystery solved".  Thanks Nick.  Hope this helps everyone with future night tourneys.  See you Sat at Monomonac.

Thanks to everyone for a successful night tourney with the smallest, craziest ramp in the state.  Congrats to Gus and Taylor with first and lunker and their first club victory.  The next one is Monomonac.  Its on the state line but NH laws apply so its a 7:00a.m. start.  There is the small lot at the ramp and additional parking down the dirt road across the street.  Unfortunately the re is a $15 launch fee.

Hi kids.  This is Mark.  Mark was once a successful tournament angler with multiple successes in his career.  Then one day in late June of 2015 something happened to Mark.  Maybe it was pride, maybe it was ego, but for some reason that day Mark decided he didn't need to check his livewells and make sure the pumps were functioning properly.  That oversight would prove costly as Mark single handedly killed one of the largest bags of fish in GLBF history, and handed the entire 2015 season over to any team hungry enough to take it.  Since that day Marks life and fishing has spiraled into a black hole. No longer part of a feared fishing team, he's been spotted hanging around all night bait shops and public fishing piers wearing old team champion sweat shirts hoping that somebody, anybody will ask about it giving him the opportunity to relive the glory days when Ricky didnt have a partner, and the Vitales missed half the season.  He's even gone so far as to go all the way to the famed Lake Ontario and troll(the dark side) dozens of lures off the back of the boat only to snag bait fish and be so desperate as to pose proudly with them like some 4th place finisher in the Special Olympics.  So remember kids, dont be like Mark.  Check your live wells often and keep your team in the hunt, and your dignity intact.  Until Webster, Tight Lines.

Great day on Powdermill.  The Vitale train continued its dominance, Rick and Max continued their ride to the top, Nick and Steve showed preparation pays off, and Mark and Toby proved how important it is to make sure your pumps are functioning.  Its a long break with a month off, and the next one is our only night event at Webster lake.  If youve never been, I cant stress enough to get there early.  Not much parking.  See you at the end of July

Congratulations to Rick and Max for their strong showing with first and lunker on the CT River.  That catapulted them up the standings and put them within striking distance of the top.  Id like to thank Nick Dumont for being the second contestant on the wall of shame by bringing in a fish that wont be legal for two more years.  Nice job.  The next one is Powder Mill in NH.  Its big, and shallow and likes to eat boat props so be careful.  Like all NH tourneys its a 7:00a.m. start

Thanks for a great turnout on A1.  Nobody was left behind on the stumps, but Im sure you all heard me come close a few times.  With 2 events down, only 5 lbs separates the top 5 teams.  One of the closest starts in years.  We'll see you all in June at the CT River Northtfield for a 6:00a.m. start.  Hope everyone is doing their brown bass homework.

Thanks for a successful first tourney with no issues.  The day was tough, but congratulations to Mike and Matt for their return and 1st place victory.  The next one is at A1 in Westboro and its a 6:00a.m. start.

A couple
changes this year.  In the past, anyone bringing a short fish to weigh in was penalized 1 lb.  The foundation of our club has always been not to clog it up with penalties and other b.s. no one enjoys so this year anyone who brings a short fish to weigh in will be given a one time "mulligan".  The down side is you will have to pose with your fish, and it will be posted on our new Wall of Shame page.  Id like to thank Mike Pavone for volunteering to go first.  Next one will cost you a pound.
Also, our night tournament in July will no longer be at Stumpfield Marsh.  NH denied us because they said it could disturb livestock.  Thats right, we might wake the cows.  Fortunately Mike planned ahead and sent in back up permits so we will be having it on Webster Lake.  It will be a full moon and should be awesome.  If youve never been, try to carpool and get there early.  Parking is very limited.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the ice derby.  Congrats to 8 year old Aiden Butler for biggest bass, and that guy from Shirley whos name I cant remember for biggest pickerel.  hopefully someday we'll see our boats again

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