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Well the 2014 season has finally come to a close.  Mike and I would like to thank everyone for all their help and support on our first year doing this.  We'd especially like to thank Dan Vitale for all his help and guidance through this process.  After 20 years of working for the club Dan is ready to pass the torch and sit back and fish.  The season had many successes without many down sides.  Mark and Toby repeated as Team Champs.  Brian and Derek were consistent as always and probably cash more lunker checks than anyone.  Dave and Joe clawed their way up from the bottom last year and cashed a few checks in the process.  Mike and Nick proved size doesn't matter(Nicks life motto) buy winning two events and two lunkers in a boat the size of my pick up bed.  After a slow start Ricky once again showed he will fish anywhere, in anything, til the last possible second with no regard for his partners life, then take our money.  Wayne and Ron and Team Vitale both had an off year which Im sure will only add gas to the fire for next year.  Mike and Matt will be returning next year as well as a couple new teams.  Should make for real nice payouts.  Were gonna try to do a couple ice derbies again this year, and Id like to have a meeting in late winter/early spring to get everyones ideas about the future of the club.  I put pictures from the tournament/banquet under the 2014 photos page.  Also Dan gave me the famed GLFF briefcase.  It was like opening the Arc of the Covenant.  There are documents in there older than I am.  I put some pics under the 2014 photos page as well.  Im gonna add a forum page this week so we can all talk smack to each other all winter.  Lastly, if there is anything anyone would like to see happen please feel free to contact me or Mike.  This is our second year running a very old club and we'd like to make it the best it can be.  Tight lines, and see you in 2015


The end of the year tournament will be Saturday, October 11, 2014 at Lake Monomonac on the Winchendon MA/Rindge NH town line. It will be from 7-1:00 with cookout and banquet to follow.  Its $50 a boat, and you can fish with whomever you want.  The launch is at North of the Border Convenience on Rte 202 on the Winchendon/Rindge line.  There is a $15 fee to launch.  Immediately following weigh in will be a cookout at Tobys house less than 10 min away.  Plaques, trophies, and sweatshirts will be awarded at this time.  I know some of you were really hoping for awards with salmon on them like we got a couple years ago, but you're out of luck!

Congrats to Mark and Toby for first at Northfield, Rick and Max for second and lunker, and Mike and Nick for third.

The 2014 season has come to a close.  Congratulations to Mark and Toby for being the winning team on the season, and Mark for lunker of the year.  It was an amazing first half of the year, with a tough second half having every tourney fall on a post front blue bird day.  I hope everyone is coming back next year as we should have at least 2 more boats making for really nice payouts in 2015.  We are talking about having an end of the year tourney with cookout following on Columbus day weekend.  We are planning on Lake Wampanoag(Camp Collier) where we had the ice derby.  Mike and I are trying to get the plaques done in time for all this years winners.  Ill keep everyone posted soon

The standings are updated for Stumpfield Marsh.  See everyone next Sunday for the last tourney of the year at Northfield.  Its a 7:00a.m. start

I hope whatever we did to anger the fish gods is forgiven for the next tourney.  Ill skip pics this week, but I updated the standings.  Congrats to the new team of Rick and Max for first and lunker.  See everyone at Stumpfield for a 7:00a.m. start.  The launch is on Stumpfield Rd in Hopkinton NH

Brutal day on Hinsdale for those looking for the large mouth bite.  Welcome back Team Vitale who ran away with it.  See everyone at the Nashua River in Nashua NH..Its NH so another 7:00a.m. start

Congrats toMike and Nick for first, Toby and Mark for second, and Bryan and Derek for third and lunker.  See everyone at the CT River in Hinsdale.  Its NH so its a 7:00a.m. start

Great night and great weather out on Boon.  See everyone in two weeks at Webster.  There will be no moon so bring a spare headlamp and make sure your GPS is working

Congratulations to Nick and Mike for the beating they gave everyone with first and lunker, Mark and Toby for second, and Team Mega Pelican for third.  The next one is our first night tourney and its a 6:00p.m. start

*Highland Lake Update*
Just got back from Highland.  There is parking, but its going to be tight.  I suggest getting there early so we dont lose any spots.  Also, there is a large no wake section to start out, like the one at Pawtuckaway.  If you put Brook Drive, Stoddard NH in the GPS it will bring you right there.  Like I said, the parking is real tight, but the fishing is amazing.  Its NH so its a 7:00a.m. start.  


A beautiful day on the dirtiest water Ive ever seen.  Great job Derek and Bryan with first and lunker, Dave and Joe with second, and Mark and Toby with third.  Ill go this week and check out the parking situation for Highland lake and post it here by Friday

A great day on the water at A-1.  Everyone did well, and no one was left behind on the stumps.  Congrats to Mark and Toby for first and lunker, Derek and Bryan on second, and Rick and Patrick on third.  Tough break for team "new guys" having their lunker go belly up, but a reminder to us all to pay attention to your live well.  See everyone at the next one in Waltham at the Charles River

Just a heads up about next Sunday.  Parking at A-1 is terrible to begin with, but I drove by it on Thursday and they had construction equipment parked there.  Hopefully it is gone by next Sunday or parking will be tight.  You may want to get there a little early so we dont lose parking spaces to the kayak people(Coates favorite).  We only have seven boats this year so we should be able to pull it off no matter what, but try to plan accordingly.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the first event.  It was a tough day, but a couple boats figured out the tough pattern.  Congrats to Toby and Mark for first, Dan Sr fishing solo for second, Wayne and Ron for third, and Brian for lunker.  Next one is at the A-1 site and its a 6:00a.m. start.  Sorry about the messed up format on the standings page.  Ill call GoDaddy and try to figure out how to fix it

Not sure whats up with our banquet but the first tourney is two weeks away.  As you know were having the teams pay up front this year and we've raised the dues to $50 a year per person.  This along with the money we made at the ice fishing derby should make for nice payouts at each event regardless of boater turnout.  If you havent done so already, please send your team check for $600 to Mike Burke.  Any questions feel free to message me.

I changed the times on the tourney page to 7:00-3:00 for the NH tourneys per state law


   For your viewing enjoyment, Mike Burke shows why securing your boat instead of just jumping off might be important.  You owe Jr big!

Heres a list of required safety equipment from the Mass Environmental Police site. No need to be hassled

Safety Equipment. Most of the state equipment carriage requirements are similar to federal laws. This primary list includes life preservers, fire extinguishers, signaling devices, visual distress signals, and navigation lights. In Massachusetts, life preservers are required to be worn by: (1) youth less than 12 years of age (2) personal watercraft users (3) waterskiers (4) canoeists/kayakers from September 15 - May 15. A boat owner or a boat's operator is responsible to ensure that passengers on-board wear life preservers as required. Additionally, the state requires that all motorboats (with the exception of personal watercraft) be equipped with an anchor, manual bailer, and line. A paddle or an oar is required on boats less than 16 feet in length. Motorboats towing skiers must also be equipped with a boarding ladder. Registration and numbering of all boats powered by machinery is required.
Here is the link with info on the Mass lead ban

If anyone has any suggestions for things theyd like to see on here, feel free to send them in.  If its somthing simple like the notifications above, I can do it instantly.  If its more complicated it will take slightly longer, but Ill get it done.



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