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A good day on Lake Shirley.  Looks like we missed the spawn by a week, but everyone still did well on tough post spawn bass.  Congrats to Mark and Toby with the win, and Dave and Joe with a solid lunker.  Team Vitale takes over the lead in the standings, but the top six teams are separated by less than 3 pounds.  Nice job Matt bringing fish to weigh in with no partner, and half a boat.  Big thanks to Dan & Dan and best of luck on your new venture with Vitale Boat Tow.  I hope everyone took a minute and stopped today and appreciated the great culture around us.  Not sure if you noticed, but there was music playing on the lake, and as Joe pointed out the ancient tradition of "bath day" took place right before our eyes! See you at Quaboag for a 6:00a.m. start

Just a reminder the campground we launch from at Lake Shirley has a $10 launch fee

After 18 days my phone is back from Samsung without any pictures, and only half my contacts.  I have Gus, Ricky, and Dave.  If the rest of you could text me your number, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, and see you Saturday

My phone is still at Samsung being repaired and somehow Mike Burke lost all his contacts.  If you could text Mike your numbers he'd appreciate it.  Any other club questions call my house phone.  978-652-5005

We promise to never go back to that lake again.  Its famous for big bags of fat fish, but not today, and not for us.  Also, Ricky said he would appear in the night and claim our first born sons if we made him fish there again.  Congrats to Team Pavone with the win, and for finally climbing out of Nicks shadow.  I knew you could do it!  The next one is Lake Shirley and a 6:00am start.  See you then.

I lost my phone.  If anyone has any questions about Sunday, please contact Mike Burke.  See you Sunday for a 7:00am start!

Less than 1 month until the first event.  Dont forget your  money for the season.  $600 a team.  Cash or check is fine.  If your paying by check it make it out to me, Toby Morrilly

The Aug 20 date for the CT River is going to be changed.  We're trying for Aug 7.  Ill update as soon as its set.  Hope this doesnt ruin it for anyone

The Tournament Schedule page is updated.  We still havent picked a place for the end of the year big money tourney, but as soon as we do it will be up here


Mike called NH wildlife today, and although they havent sent any permits out, she gave him the dates for ours.  Below is the schedule, Ill put maps and directions on the Tournament Schedule page tomorrow.  I posted earlier that Lake Shirley was May 14, I was wrong its the 21st.  Also there is no July tournament this year so everyone can plan their vacations and Danny's AARP newsletter said its too hot of a month for fishing tournaments 

Sunday May 1 Lake Nippenicket Bridgewater MA  7-3
Saturday May 21  Lake Shirley, Shirley MA 6-2
Saturday June 4 Quaboag Lake Brookfield MA 6-2
Saturday June 18 Powdermill Pond Hancock NH 7-3
Sunday June 26 Stumpfield Marsh Hopkinton NH 7-3
Saturday August 20 CT River Hinsdale NH 7-3
Saturday Sept 10 Highland Lake Stoddard NH
Sunday Sept 18 Pawtuckaway Lake Nottingham NH


Sorry for the lack of info on the site in a while.  Although we submitted our permit applications back in Oct/Nov, we are still waiting on NH.  Mike called again today and she said they just started them and will be done in the next week or two.  NH wildlife is a giant pain in the ass to deal with, but the lakes are so worth it.  I can tell you the first one will be Sunday May 1st at lake Nippenicket in Bridgewater, followed by Lake Shirley Saturday May 14.  As soon as we hear from NH the schedule will be up

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